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Hitler, Some interesting facts about this villain of history

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The German Chancellor Adolf Hitler has always been painted in the books of history as a tyrannous and diabolic ruler. This Nazi dictatorhated Jews so much that he wanted to annihilate them. His contribution to the world was the World War- II. Know some interesting facts about this Nazi ruler of the 20th century.

He was born in a small kasba of Austria (Hungry) in the month of April, 1889. Later on, he came to Germany and took the citizenship of this country in 1932. He became the leader of National Socialist German Party.
After the 1st World War, Nazi Party came to power and Fascist ideology got the opportunities of planting its roots. Right from 1933 till the 2nd World War, he remained the Chancellor of Germany. Light is being thrown here on some unknown aspect of this great villain of the history of the mankind. 

  • Being the chief reason behind the death of countless humans, Hitler himself was a total vegetarian, kept distance from alcohols, but had a fascination for speed to the extent of madness.
  • Hitler left school at a bare age of 16 only. His father wanted to take him to the custom areas, while Hitler was interested in becoming a painter. When his father died, Hitler came over to Vienna. He appeared at the examinations for the commercial training of Arts. In a state of frustration, he used to wander around nukkads and coffee houses where he used to meet political leaders. It was from here that the political- genre thoughts began taking roots in his devilish mind. 
  • There came a period in his life when, after his father’s property was finished, he had to hanker after for even a penny. Owing to not having completed even his schooling, works for him was difficult to get by. He anyhow met both his ends meet by writing for magazines and news papers. Gradually, in politics, his influence went on growing. Through his writings and from his contacts, he could become able to purchase a vehicle and a house of his own. 
  • This Nazi ruler possessed people by overwhelming them with his emotional speeches. He made prior rehearsals of speeches. Nobody could stop him once he used to start speaking on the music or opera of Richard Wagner
  • It is said Hitler’s writing was very clear and beautiful. But he was not a very conceptual writer. His autobiography Mein Kampfproves this point.
  • Hitler was extremely fiendish of movies and pastries. He used to watch movies daily in his personal theater. Hitler liked comedy films very much. But he also saw such movies which were banned for German public. He was fond of watching the tricks and turns of circus. He used to present, chocolates, pastries, flowers to the circus artists. He liked gypsy music and songs and was a great fan of Richard Wagner.
  • He had no interests in sports and exercises. Though he very often than not, used to walk, of course. 
  • He regularly loved to watch news reels, especially when he was also present in them. For political publicity and propaganda, he had made use of Radio Broadcasting, Rallies and sound equipments for the first time round.
  • Time magazine had declared him the man of the year award in 1938.
  • Hitler had dedicated himself to politics. He considered himself way above from the institutions like marriage, home and family, although there are evidences of many exceptions to this. 
  • Hitler died in suspicious circumstances on 30th April, 1945 in Berlin. During the last days of the 2nd World war, in state of frustration, he ate cyanide along with his wife Eva Brown and a pet dog.

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